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This mixed list includes just a few of the myriad counselling and psychotherapy resources available online which may be useful to clients, practitioners or researchers. Unlike some large directories that use automated systems to enable webmasters to submit their sites — which we’re then told will be ‘professionally reviewed’ (uh huh) — every site in our list has been personally visited and evaluated. What you read about a site is not what the site owner submitted on a form or a reciprocal link request: it’s my own personal assessment of the site.

Specific Concerns and Distress

Abuse, Rape and Incest

Also see the entry for the Self-Injury, Abuse & Trauma Resource Directory under the Self Injury section.

We’ve been remiss in not yet adding more resources to the ADHD list, but here’s a start. Be sure to check the ADHD section of the Research Library for more resources, as well as the ADHD section (under Identifying Psychological Symptoms) and our ADHD screening quizzes.

  • Parenting the At Risk Child – Extensive resources covering ADHD, addiction, and antisocial behaviour; provided by psychiatrist Liane J. Leedom, M.D.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

  • Alcoholics Anonymous – This is the international site of the well-known support organization for alcoholism.
  • National Drug Helpline – Excellent resource for facts and support.
  • SoberRecovery – This large collection of recovery resources is a little heavy on the advertising, but useful.

Also see the resources specifically on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The separate section on Types of Distress contains additional information about anxiety disorders, including the symptoms of panic disorder, of social phobia, of generalized anxiety disorder, and more.

  • Anxiety Disorders Association of America – Excellent repository of information and statistics about anxiety disorders, including self help tools.
  • Anxiety Treatment Australia – Information and resources focusing on anxiety, including a directory of Australian psychologists; run by Melbourne-based clinical psychologist Catherine Madigan.
  • The Panic Center – This outstanding site contains a huge amount of information and even a free 12-week cognitive behavioural therapy programme.
  • tAPir – Useful collection on a range of anxiety and panic disorders.
  • Shake Your Shyness – Featuring sound CBT-inspired tips and an excellent list of other web resources, this is the best site I have seen focusing specifically on shyness and social anxiety.
  • Shyness & Social Anxiety Treatment Australia – Information and resources focusing on shyness and social anxiety, including a directory of Australian psychologists; run by Melbourne-based clinical psychologist Catherine Madigan.
  • Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Association – US-based resource for finding cognitive behavioural therapy for social phobias.

Chronic Pain

  • American Chronic Pain Association – Provides support and information for people suffering from chronic pain.
  • American Pain Society – Includes broad coverage of the topic and a long list of reviewed links.
  • Chronic Pain Haven – With both sound advice and an increasing range of commercial product promotions, this site focuses on managing chronic pain.
  • – This site offers a wide range of original content related to back pain and neck pain, all reviewed by a medical advisory board.

Try Online Counseling: Get Personally Matched

Depression and Bipolar Disorder

This is a huge area, and we’re including links here only to a few of the very best resources. The separate Mental Health Reference site contains additional information about identifying symptoms of depression and of bipolar disorder.

  • All About Depression – General coverage of depression issues.
  • Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation – Focusing on the tricky area of pre-adult bipolar disorder, this organisation’s stated mission is to improve the lives of families raising children and teens living with bipolar disorder and related conditions.
  • Depression Alliance – This UK-based charity offers a wealth of information as well as a supportive pen pal service.
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance – This site provides a range of solid information specifically focused on these two mood disorders.
  • MoodGYM – Excellent (and free) web-based programme of CBT addressing depression and anxiety. Heavy use of Flash means it will be more accessible to those on higher-speed connections.


  • Diabetes Counselling Online – Provides free short-term counselling online, supported by the Australian government, for people suffering from diabetes and the problems it may bring with it; aimed specifically at an Australian audience.

Eating Disorders

General Self-Help

  • dotComSense – Produced by the American Psychological Association, this site provides advice on privacy and assessing the quality of online mental health information.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

The separate section on Types of Distress contains additional information about anxiety disorders, including the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder and a brief note on the causes of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • OCD Action – Skip the Flash front page and go straight to the content, which is excellent.
  • OCD-UK – UK-based OCD charity with a wide range of information and support resources.

Personality Disorders

  • Emergence – Providing a range of information and services, this UK-based, user-led organisation was created by the 2009 merger of Borderline UK and Personality Plus.
  • Personality Disorders Foundation – Originally created by the University of Connecticut Health Center, the Personality Disorders Foundation includes a very large bibliography, lists of other web resources, and summaries of DSM IV criteria. NOTE: When the University of Connecticut decided to close it, worked together with the university to rescue the foundation’s materials; they are now available separately as part of the Mental Health Reference site.


  • rethink – The new name of the National Schizophrenia Fellowship; support for those affected by a wide range of severe mental illnesses.

Self Injury


The section on Charities and Listening Services contains links to other organizations which offer support to those contemplating suicide.

Trauma and PTSD

The separate section on Types of Distress contains additional information about posttraumatic stress disorder.

  • David Baldwin’s Trauma Information Pages – Wide range of information and links to other resources.
  • Gateway to PTSD Information – This site serves as a gateway to 4 other US-based organizations providing information related to trauma and PTSD.
  • Gift from Within – Nonprofit organization providing a support network, a large collection of articles and other materials, plus links to other resources.
  • Sidran Institute – Leading US resource for trauma education with resources for survivors as well as practitioners.
  • Violent Death Bereavement Society – Intended for service providers (rather than end users), this organization focuses on support for loved ones and family members after violent death.

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