Whole Practice Mentoring: Bespoke 360-Degree Consultative Support

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Whole Practice Mentoring can help with all aspects of growing and building your already established practice. If you’re looking for something broader than clinical supervision, and you want to work with an experienced online therapist who actually makes a living online, Whole Practice Mentoring may fit the bill.

Please note that I am no longer providing Whole Practice Mentoring, but I have left this page in place for historical interest. Many practitioners continue to get in touch with specific questions about their online practice, or with enquiries about this type of mentoring; I hope that some of the ideas offered here and elsewhere in this section of the site might be of some use to them as they consider other options for developing their practice. (For more on my own private practice, see the historical archive over at the Try Counselling site.)

Why Whole Practice Mentoring?

Many aspiring or established online practitioners who have contacted me about clinical supervision say they want something broader than just clinical supervision. Of course supervision is important, they say, but what they are really looking for is broader peer support to help them grow their newly launched online practices. Among other things, these practitioners value:

  • Marketing know-how
  • Technological competence
  • Actual online clinical experience

Most of these practitioners mention having read our section “Therapists In Practice”, so they’ve seen a little something of what the site has to offer with regard to marketing and general practice development. Usually, they’ve also read about my own personal background (“Meet the Publisher: About Dr Greg Mulhauser”) and know from their general experience of the site that I’m not only someone who likes to write about online counselling or online therapy — I actually do it. (See “Online Therapy and Online Counselling”.)

Whole Practice Mentoring is designed to augment ordinary online clinical supervision with basic business mentoring that can help you to grow and develop your online practice.

The key message is that I act as a consultant along-side you, sharing experience and business expertise, and providing two heads instead of one for growing and developing your practice. I can guarantee that I won’t have all the answers in this new and exciting area of mental health practice, but I might have asked a few of the same questions that you’re asking now, and I’m pretty sure I’ve even uncovered a few solutions along the way!

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Why NOT Whole Practice Mentoring?

Although it’s designed to provide 360-degree consultative support for all aspects of practice development, I believe the service works most effectively for practitioners who have already undertaken some initial training and/or who have begun work on expanding their existing online practices.

If the idea of providing counselling or therapy online really appeals to you, but you haven’t yet started to get underway, I would encourage you to give these seeds some time to germinate and grow: you don’t need me yet! But once you feel the time is right, and you’ve allowed those ideas some space to grow and take on a life of their own, I may be able to help.

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