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Learn more about online supervision and online therapy training; this section also includes papers and other professional development materials.

Why Online Supervision?

Practitioners ranging from clinical psychologists to members of the clergy have written to ask me about online supervision services, and as a result I’ve learned a few things that seem to apply to most practitioners looking for online clinical supervision:

  • Practitioners are often just getting started with online working and value flexible arrangements that can accommodate their varying case loads,
  • Practitioners view effective clinical supervision of their online work as an integral part of their overall online practice,
  • Practitioners are looking for a supervisor with actual first-hand experience offering online counselling or therapy,
  • Practitioners are eager to gain experience and build their own skills in offering online therapy or online counselling, and
  • Practitioners appreciate the opportunity to conduct the supervision itself via an online modality.

Although I’m no longer taking new supervisees myself, the background pages about the service are still available here at CounsellingResource.com, including:

A separate page details another service providing online supervision via live chat.

If you’re actually looking for broader practice development support, you might find something useful on our page about “Whole Practice Mentoring for the Mental Health Professional”.

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Online Training and Professional Development Materials

In addition to our online supervision services, this section also includes resources we hope will be useful for training and professional development materials: “Papers for Online Therapy Training”. These papers and other resources are directly informed by online clinical experience and hopefully will be relevant to mental health professionals who are in actual online practice or who are contemplating adding this modality to their existing practice.

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