Welcome to the Goldberg Depression Questionnaire, a Screening Test for Depression

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This 18-question self-test by pioneering researcher Dr Ivan K Goldberg highlights signs and symptoms associated with depression.

Completing this Psychological Screening Test

To take the questionnaire, please click the radio button next to the selection which best reflects how each statement applies to you. Be sure to choose the statement that applies to how you have felt and behaved during the past week.

Take the Quiz

Please note: This test will only be scored correctly if you answer each one of the questions. Please also check our disclaimer on psychological testing and our psychological testing privacy guarantee.

1. I do things slowly.

2. My future seems hopeless.

3. It is hard for me to concentrate on reading.

4. The pleasure and joy has gone out of my life.

5. I have difficulty making decisions.

6. I have lost interest in aspects of my life that used to be important to me.

7. I feel sad, blue, and unhappy.

8. I am agitated and keep moving around.

9. I feel fatigued.

10. It takes great effort for me to do simple things.

11. I feel that I am a guilty person who deserves to be punished.

12. I feel like a failure.

13. I feel lifeless more dead than alive.

14. I’m getting too much, too little or not enough restful sleep.

15. I spend time thinking about HOW I might kill myself.

16. I feel trapped or caught.

17. I feel depressed even when good things happen to me.

18. Without trying to diet, I have lost or gained weight.

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About Scoring this Psychological Questionnaire


  • 0 points Not at all
  • 1 point Just a little
  • 2 points Somewhat
  • 3 points Moderately
  • 4 points Quite a lot
  • 5 points Very much

Screening test scoring ranges:

  • 0-9 No Depression Likely
  • 10-17, Possibly Mildly Depressed
  • 18-21, Borderline Depression
  • 22-35, Mild-Moderate Depression
  • 36-53, Moderate-Severe Depression
  • 54 and up, Severely Depressed

The higher the number, the more severe the depression. When your quiz is scored, one of 6 different information pages will appear to describe the results for scores in your range.

If you take the quiz again weekly or monthly, changes of 5 or more points between tests may be significant.

Additional Information

The Goldberg Depression Questionnaire was developed by Dr Ivan Goldberg, MD.

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