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The following articles are tagged with ‘In Practice’ in our library of resources.

Case Study in Backup Strategy

This brief case study in backup strategy describes how I maintain backups of my own personal and practice data; while my own approach certainly won’t fit everybody’s needs, I believe it fits mine, and I hope some aspects of it might be useful to other practitioners. Our companion article on backup basics explains some of the underlying factors to consider when formulating your backup strategy — an essential part of your overall security planning.

Considering Entering Private Practice?

Most of this section of the site is aimed at the practitioner already in private practice, or looking to build up a larger practice for which they are responsible. But some practitioners will just be considering the move into working privately and will be wondering whether they are ready for taking that plunge. In my view, the main differences between private and organizational counselling practice have very little to do with actual counselling ability and everything to do with the environment outside the counselling hour.

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