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BBEdit 9 Upgrade

With a new ‘projects’ capability, text completion, non-modal find and a persistent scratchpad, the latest release of BBEdit — at version 9.0.2 as of this writing in December 2008 — provides new tools that allow it to move farther into the space occupied by full-fledged coding environments, without losing the simplicity that makes it a good fit for much smaller scale tasks. See our previous reviews of BBEdit 8.5 and of BBEdit 8.0 for more on this very capable software package, or read on to learn more about the upgrade.

Dreamweaver 8 and Adobe GoLive CS2

Meet the parents of your next web site building environment: the industry’s two leading software packages, Adobe GoLive CS2 and Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, have recently been brought under one roof by the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe. While probably no one outside Adobe knows for sure what the future may hold for the two product lines, it seems more than likely that the industry’s next top site development package will derive from these two progenitors.

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