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Web Resources in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mental Health

This mixed list includes just a few of the myriad counselling and psychotherapy resources available online which may be useful to clients, practitioners or researchers. Unlike some large directories that use automated systems to enable webmasters to submit their sites — which we’re then told will be ‘professionally reviewed’ (uh huh) — every site in our list has been personally visited and evaluated. What you read about a site is not what the site owner submitted on a form or a reciprocal link request: it’s my own personal assessment of the site.

Williams and Davis: Therapist as Life Coach

Aimed at therapists and those in “helping professions” looking at making the crossover to work in life coaching, this book puts across the essence of this relatively new profession very effectively. For those who have made the decision to move to life coaching, it will be a support and inspiration. But does life coaching really offer anything different from core counselling principles like empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard?Rating: 3

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