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  1. My Dad was/is exactly like this, he’s always the victim. I always come away feeling guilty and like I’m in the wrong. I still struggle with this even after marrying am amazing man who really tried to understand my struggles with words, and manipulation.
    Honestly, my biggest fear is becoming my Dad. I see him in myself and I do not want to manipulate my husband or my children (if and when we have them).
    I am so glad I found this website, is been a great comfort to me in the past week.

    1. Elisha. I totally feel for you and share your gratitude for this site. I feel terrible guilt for dragging my husband through my hair taring days and sleepless nights and the tears and anguish that come with my mother’s NPD, which now seems to have spread into my sister and my niece’s behaviour too. Remember there will always be similarities of character with your family members because this is where we receive our basic social programming. Fear NOT – your biggest power is that you can choose how to feel about the events and problems you find yourself in. Just be aware of your own personality traits and learn to love and forgive yourself unconditionally. I Meditate loads and remind myself to choose behaviour which is right for ME. You will know when its the wrong response/behaviour because it will feel bad in your gut. Watch your thoughts and emotions and keep them positive and loving – your inner voice will guide you so TRUST that first and foremost. I take the time to thank my dear husband for his support regularly and affirm to myself that I am working to become stronger and more self reliant in dealing with my family. That helps enormously with the guilt of sapping at his support and energy for himself and his well being. Hope this helps. Good luck. M-T

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