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  1. I began journaling about 40 years ago. I thought it would all some day make sense and I’m pretty good at looking at a dream and seeing where all the parts come from etc but recently it’s gotten more complex. I have certain repeating themes. For awhile I was obsessed with 2 of everything. It started with a dream where I killed someone. I analyzed it as a typical Oedipus dream but the emotions were so real. I also noticed that there seemed to be 2 of me. I told a psychiatrist friend about it. He said “That happens sometimes”. I never asked him what he meant but got obsessed with wondering what happens.
    I finally got a clue into it and I’m no longer obsessed with it.
    The clue I got was when I was awake I observed my reaction to a slow driver in front of me. Part of me just observed and another part of me reacted wondering who the jerk was. I call certain dreams Hit Man dreams. I’m a hit man, I kill someone but there is always a double. I got so obsessed with the double it turned into a 3rd detached observer of the double. Sometimes I wish I had someone to shoot the bull with about this stuff but I have no extra money to pay a psychiatrist so I meditate.
    I like what Jung wrote about dreams revealing more than they conceal. I think Freud was a paranoid psycho in his treatment of Jung when Jung went his own way.
    What I find is I am not as interested in analyzing the content as much as looking at the different types of dreams and categorizing them. Seems like some kind of obsession to me. I have location dreams of different places and situations I lived in, dreams of being locked up and realizing I’m free and leaving, hit man dreams resolving dreams where I’m trying 1/2 the night to resolve something I was doing the previous day…

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