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  1. Considering we can shop online as well – which attracts the frugal minded budget keeper due to less risk of overspending… and better meal planning etc. I mean its really hard to think of excuses to go anywhere else… It seems like event management just planning to goto the Cinemas or the Zoo due to the cost of entry, take away, snacks etc… However, parks are trending at the moment I would say simply because its the only free thing to visit that still entertains the youngins enough to call it a proper day out.

    We’re all attracted to freebies/low cost entertainment and prioritise this over splurging for two hours of ‘out of the home’ entertainment.

    Travel can be pretty unattractive for families due to the lack of comfortability for young children and the stressed workers flooding the trains to further save money on petrol.

    The quality of life is limited by the inflation costs of entertainment – a drink at the pub will set you back $10-$15 whereas a drink at home can allow you to really shout your mates because you can afford the bulk drinks at the liquor store.

    Going out seems like such an inconvenience due to the high costs associated with the least amount of fun available.

    House parties, play dates, movie nights in, online shopping and home entertainment is on the rise because everyone knows they’re getting more for their money.

    The only people going out shopping, pubbing and clubbing are the over-indulgent, the criminals, and the high rollers… there’s no option for the frugal minded to justify the costs associated with these seemingly archaic activities. Unless its for really special occasions – then you find it in the budget!

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