Name Up for Grabs!

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With each of the practitioners on our separate online therapy site moving on in their own directions, we’ve decided to sell the domain Give us a shout if you’d like to make this 16-year-old domain name your own.

Editor’s Note: The domain has now been sold.

For anyone in a relevant field — not necessarily mental health — who is looking to jump-start their web presence with a memorable domain name offering an established history and a respected presence with search engines, is hard to beat. It certainly beats trying to start a new site from scratch, with a freshly-minted domain name that Google might not even spider for months on end. (Much like real estate, it’s all about location, location, location; earning any search engine cachet with a newly-registered domain name in a dark corner of the web can be much harder than taking an established name and turning it into something shiny and new.)

This type of ‘premium’ domain, as they call short and meaningful names in the domain sales industry, only comes around once in a blue moon. For obvious reasons, there are not nearly as many short and meaningful domain names like as there are long and cumbersome ones like Premium domains with an already established presence are even rarer among those that ever go up for sale.

The domain was first registered in March 1997. Around 11 years later, we made it the home for the online therapy and online counselling service which was spun off from Now another half a decade has passed, and each of the practitioners involved with the site is moving on in their own direction. (I went on ‘sabbatical’ from online therapy practice a few years ago now!)

So, it’s going up for grabs.

We’ll invite offers for the domain via email, and if no suitable buyers step forward, we’ll probably turn it over to one of the usual domain name auction houses.

If you’re interested, don’t wait — give us a shout with your offer today!

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