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  1. Where have you been all my life? Young INFPs, if you think you’re misunderstood, now, try growing up in the 50s! If my mother were still alive, I could show her this article and maybe she’d stop asking, “Why are you like that?” Or my father would stop saying, “You can’t possibly survive.”
    Nonetheless, I did survive and now, in my 70s, I’m beginning to enjoy it. Don’t waste your time worrying about how others perceive you! You are who you are!

  2. I have done the test too many times to deny I am an INFP, work related mostly. Recent tests showed a dead heat for all but ‘feeling’, which was high.
    I doubt, being this type is easy when we are young. It was hard for me but we learn the hard way how to minimize bullies. I always found ways to sooth my sole alone. Being older, wiser, much wiser, it is easier for me to accept my true nature and feel blessed. Yes, I am always preparing and never finishing unless it is a must do. Learning takes precedence; that is who I am and it is okay.
    After reading about the traits of a psychopath: lacks fear, empathy and most importantly feelings of love… Who wants to be like that? Now I am retired I bike a lot, hear live music with my friends downtown, live with my family, kinship style (one of my ideals and gives me daily access to my grandbaby). Of course understanding the world is a must and CNN fits well into my life….that and the internet. Soon the women and scientists will march in USA. If there is a march in my country near by, that is likely where I will be.
    One more advantage… I feel a connection with people all over the world who suffer and do their best to exist.

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