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  1. Thanks for your insight, but I would suggest another hypothesis apart from narcissism : the yielding to one’s shadow’s demands. An unconscious impulse to achieve a wonderfull failure, for he doesn’t
    ” deserve ” to become New York City’s mayor, linked to a lack of self esteem. We had the same case, well, much worse, in France with DSK, who used his sexual weaknesses to prevent himself from becoming the leader of the country, and, perhaps, as a mean to come back on earth
    ( reality ), for he, like many politicians, alas, had a real feeling of impunity : the more he did, the less he paid for it… until the Sofitel’s incident. His wife playing the part of the mother – those men may also be very immature, and, yes, very self centered, millions of people never being enough to nourish their fragile and voracious image – so much for altruism and bettering of human societies, don’t you think ?

    1. Nah, I’m pretty sure he’s still a Narcissist. Your description matches it perfectly.

  2. I liked some of his ideas, too. It’s just a shame that he turned out to be such a disgrace.

    Unfortunately, I also agree with you about the tendency of our politicians to (all too frequently) expect special treatment and rewards as part of their jobs. Very sad and the opposite of what was intended by the framers of our government.

  3. ….and then,… WE appear paranoid. So many psychos everywhere, how come? Ha, too much of apathetic people. When they say, ‘sorry I hate politics’, I usually answer: ..’then, perhaps you don’t hate it as much, as I do, otherwise you would involve too’. This is just a short answer to people who think, that studying the Political Science equals to be a politician. Yes, I try to involve, and have, from time to time…too difficult, too many NPDs, who block you out.
    BTW, I think, that apathy doesn’t only enables psychopathic system to continue, but constitutes a tendency towards psychopathy. After all, they have to fit/adjust(as they now say) the existing world order, don’t they.

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