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    1. Not going to speculate about that because of how irrelevant it would be, given what he admits in his own words about the nature of his character, the underpinnings of it, and it’s role in his behavior. It takes a lot of personal decimation for someone like Lance to come clean about who they really are what makes them tick. And when they do, we really need to listen!

  1. Dr. Simon, I would love to hear you comment on rises in gun crimes and the current gun control controversy, and how the character issues of our times impact those issues.

    1. You’ll find some of my thoughts on this in the post a few weeks ago titled: “A Different Perspective on Murder-Suicide” and also in an article that should post in just a few days tentatively titled: “Preventing tragedies: Time to Look Inward as well as Outward.”

      To limit the discussion to “gun” violence is misleading and self-deluding. There is very definite violence problem, and an undisciplined aggression problem (as not all damaging aggressive acts are violent) and an even bigger problem in growing numbers of individuals who lack the controls and skills necessary to deal with adversity and behave responsibly. And the problem affects not only those who go off the deep end but also those who help nudge them. And before there were sophisticate guns or assault weapons, there were switchblades. And clever mass-killers can always fashion pipe bombs and other devices even harder to detect than guns and capable of doing more damage. And while I strongly favor tighter gun control, we’ll never solve the real underlying problems until we start focusing on them, which is why focusing on guns can be distracting and deluding. Very few of the heinous crimes of late were committed with legally procured weapons, nor would they have been prevented with even the most stringent laws being proposed, save perhaps the proposed “assault” weapon ban. As the debate heats up, however, expect to hear some more from me on this topic and on the general topic of our undisciplined aggressive world.

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