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  1. I’m so pleased to hear about the new book! I am eager to read it.

    Some of the worst petty tyrants I’ve seen have been in church situations. As a Christian, I find this deeply disturbing. Any thoughts?

    1. Thanks, Katherine. I’m a bit excited, too.

      I also get distressed when I encounter individuals who profess a loving faith but behave in a tyrannical manner. One of the principles my book will emphasize is that our core convictions are revealed not so much by what we “profess” or even by the rituals we practice, but by the manner in which we conduct ourselves. Actually, as I see it, the Christian message is a sublimely simple one, but one that is inordinately difficult to live out, especially for a person weak in faith yet strong in ego.

  2. Thank you all for running this site, for sharing your wisdom and helping so many people through this outlet. I am very thankful for resources like this, as I am a person who cannot afford to meet with a counselor in person.

    Dr. Simon, Where can a person who is weak in faith and weak in ego begin in building noble character?

    For example, The person who is given power but, won’t stand up to use it.

    A person that doesn’t protect himself and gets taken advantage of in times of adversity.

    The person who cannot function because he cannot find value in himself maybe because he can’t forgive himself for the many times he has given into temptation.

    Thank you very much for your thoughts.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Mel. And you ask a great question. Although the short answer might seem a bit trite, it’s really quite important. Every journey begins with the first step. What folks don’t realize in their attempt to build character, is how critically important it is to recognize and reinforce every bit of effort — every single forward step! That’s the secret. We’ve developed a culture that discounts merit. Even some of our religious institutions downplay its value. But there’s absolutely nothing more important than a single act of positive will. With persistent practice, and with faithful recognition and self-reinforcement for every forward step, it’s easier not only to develop strength of character but also to find forgiveness for one’s past failings.

  3. I do believe that this discussion thread would really help a lot of people who are going through a tough time. Yet it is only during the darkest nights that stars begin to shine brightly. Without these three to test our character, will we ever know how strong we could be?

    1. Very well said. These tests not only sometimes reveal the cracks and weaknesses in our character structure but often demonstrate our strength and integrity. And they’re also always an opportunity to grow!

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