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  1. Dr. Misty Hook – thank you for a very well-written article. You are correct, it is the men who are most against women’s rights. I was raised in the 50’s and 60’s and even in my liberal family, I was considered less than my brothers. Sad, really. Women the world over must fight for each other and, as you say, must recognize the canary in the coal mine.

    I am Canadian, yet I follow U.S. politics. I am appalled at what is happening in your country on other issues as well. TSA, the Patriot Act, a new bill Obama just signed, HR 347, then there’s the National Defence Authorization Act, and more.

    What is going on? It seems they are bent on shredding your Constitution. People need to recognize the canary here as well.

    Thank you, Misty.

  2. It’s interesting that, when I saw a comment had been posted to this very well-written (and frightening) article, I feared it would a bigoted, angry and, mostly likely, ignorant response.

    How relieved I am that the response was reasoned and appropriate. How sad I am that the commenter is a citizen of another country. I am quite glad our Canadian neighbor is an enlightened human being, but I’m still fearful our own citizenry, and thus our voters, will continue to ignore what is becoming increasingly evident … we are at war with ourselves.

    If our mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, cousins … and thus, our doctors, lawyers, CEOs, factory workers, teachers, bus drivers, etc., … cannot control something which is utterly theirs (their own bodies), then what hope have we women to help shape our country’s destiny and our own destinies? From our education to our careers, from our bodies to our children’s futures, we will become powerless.

    Dr. Hook’s article will doubtless draw criticism. I, for one, am very glad she wrote it … but very sorry that it is necessary. May our citizenry pay attention to the deafening silence from the canary and take immediate action!

  3. Dear Dr. Hook, I am shocked and quite appalled by your rhetoric. My first thought was, “Has she heard of the concept of *other people*??” It may seem like a silly question, but after reading this article, I seriously have my doubts!
    Look, by all means, control your own body! Control your body’s urge to have sex if you aren’t willing to accept the natural consequence of that very conscious and deliberate action. Yes, pregnancy is a natural consequence of sex. And pregnancy is characterized by the presence of someone else’s body inside the womb that was not there prior to having sex. Your desire for sex does not supersede the unborn child’s desire to live. That unborn child is NOT YOUR BODY. The child is inside your body–true–but the child is a separate entity. If it weren’t, then an abortion would just be called suicide!
    Just because the child is temporarily dependent on you for survival does not mean you therefore have the right to kill that child because you feel that the child’s very existence is an inconvenience. Toddlers are dependent on their mothers for survival; do you think mothers should be allowed to kill them as well??
    In a civil society, we protect those who can’t protect themselves. Don’t conflate parental accountability with oppression. Please consider what you are saying and realize that babies in the womb are human beings not medical waste! And they deserve a chance at life. If you don’t want to raise the child, I assure you there is a line out the door of other people would will gladly adopt your child and give him/her a loving home.

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