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One Comment on “How to Tell When Therapy Won’t Work”

  1. Wow, this is so clearly and simply explained! Thank you!

    And I agree, the character disturbed person is very aware of what they are up to and why they manipulate and do what they do. My ex, when he was in therapy for a while, was given the homework of writing out all the ways he manipulated me to gain control. It was eye opening and gob-smacking how aware he was. I was totally unaware and unsuspecting for decades (he was very cleverly covert). As much as the sense of betrayal was deeply painful and traumatic, I am grateful for that homework revelation, as without it, I wonder if I would still be doubting and not being able to be sure it could be true.

    Thank you for your continued posts and keeping these old ones up to still be accessible. They are so helpful.

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