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  1. Hi Libby
    I have read your posting and agree with your perspective on many levels. My childhood involved alot of outdoor activities as there were seven of us in a two bedroomed back to back terrace and so staying in for hours on end was never a possibility. As a result my mother walked all of us everywhere as children and I did – with my own. The mere activity of walking my children to and from school or meandering on a sunny afternoon, enabled endless “pointless” discussions with them about everything and quite often anything! They have carried this behaviour through to their adult lives and they still prefer to walk than use public transport. As I write this response, I am in the family caravan on the east coast of Yorkshire during half term and the walking is one of the many benefits. I remember reading an article in Therapy Today many years ago about the environmental intelligence that is unlocked within children when taking them out of an almost restrictive environment of home. Children with a restricted communication path became active in expressing what was really going on for them – as you point out beautifully – their feelings became “real” and this was linked to the experience of being “at one” (atonement) with the environment.
    I am by my own admission a deep reflector by nature and when I walk along the sea front with my dog and husband this activity requires no thought, purpose or meaning of mind and quite simply – is what it is! There is a “zone” that I access that I never do within inner city life and this is my drawing factor to returning whenever possible. I must admit that this is often subject of ridicule within my social circles as for others the attraction without pubs, clubs and shops is quite hard to comprehend and yet, I experience a level of peaceful serenity when listening to the sea and feeling the sun on my face.
    Thank you once again for a thought provoking article (as always Libby) and I hope that you have an enjoyable and “environmentally stimulating” bank holiday weekend!

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