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  1. I have Diabetes type II and RA. After an accident at work I also have had a disc rupture and removed while arthtitis in my spine continues to cause pain thru out my lower and mid back regions. Instead of living on narcotics (not a choice I cared for) I use advil and Meditation to relieve alot of the everyday pain. It has become a daily ritual. This past Jan. our region suffered an ice storm, I slipped on the ice using my hands to catch my fall (I fear more damage to my back and always protect it) I had pain in my wrist and thumb. Meditated for pain relief which worked great. After about 6 weeks, my thumb froze up and would not move. I went to the doc and he xrayed it only to find a fractured wrist. I am convinced that thru my daily meditations for other painful conditions, this break went under the radar until the physical could no longer support it. I strongly believe the mind plays a huge role in our pain and how we react to it.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Pati. And I’m glad you’ve been so successful using meditation and other techniques.

      I think we’re a long way from fully understanding the role and influence of our minds on our physiology. Hopefully, one day soon the “dualistic” thinking about mind and body that has dominated our perspectives for so long will be a distant memory.

  2. Interesting stuff! I am a second year Occupational Therapy student and I am currently in the process of presenting a teaching session about the effects of chronic pain and methods to overcome this. The method i have chosen to teach is distraction and how the mind is used to alleviate the pain a client is experiencing. This is done through imagery and imagination, focusing on a positive stimulus :) I found your blog very appropriate and helpful thanks!

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