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  1. Interesting. What comes to mind is man trying to control mother nature and her wildness.!

    Lilith is the archetype of the wild womb man. She is free and wild and answerable to no man/patriarch.

    Magdalene the whore- real meaning horasis- was also demonised by the men of god and that demonising continues today.

    The words natural and wild are only words which have been used by male controllers for eons.

    Words never convey their true meaning.

    For Lilith, she is wild, she is the nameless One, she is the one without form, she is the abyss where all new is created.

    In using the word nature, women are expected to be all soft and luvy duvy and “in their place” in society. When they break free, they are labelled wild.

    Patriarchal society has been controlling women’s sexuality for 5,000 years, but more so in the past 2,000 under various religions, who dictate to women what feminine sexuality is all about, how their fertility is controlled by the medicine patriarchs rather than the 13 moons of natural time.

    The midwives and the healing witches/crones/wise women burned and ostracised by society and their roles taken over by men who will never experience pregnancy or birth, yet dictate to mothers on the subject.

    Since Dec 21 2010, the feminine energy of Lilith has returned. When she was murdered by the patriachal barbarians 5,000 years ago, she promised to return and restore the sacred feminine in all her aspects. This includes men too learning about their own inner Lilith Goddess.

    Now the male and female can balance and once again males remember the power they once had when educated by the sacred whores like Mary Magdalene. For, when women were disempowered, so too were men. Though men were conditioned to believe that they had to control those wild women of Mother Earth, as servants of the Patriarchs. In so doing they also lost out and became weak.

  2. Thanks for your input, Portia! I certainly hope that Lilith is returning! The burning of the wise women/’witches’ was such a terrible crime and has had such repercussions,yet is so sidelined in history teaching… can’t believe I did not explicitly mention it in the article. Thanks for the reminder.

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