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Ask the Psychologist contributor Dr Jim Bierman has passed along a special code good for 50% off his book Of Sound Mind to Marry. The discount is paid for partly by authors giving up their royalties on the sales, so thank you Dr Bierman!

Through the end of this year (31 December 2010), publisher ABC-CLIO has agreed to offer Of Sound Mind to Marry at a hefty 50% discount for all orders placed directly via their website and using the offer code 104AUA4.

Here’s the publisher’s blurb about the book:

This guide, written for engaged couples, their families, friends, and counselors, covers key questions for a confident and insightful decision, including the psychology of love, communication, money, sex, and kids.

Going through the motions of getting married isn’t nearly as challenging as getting to know each other on a deeper level before the ceremony, says Psychologist Jim Bierman. His book raises all the controversial, yet crucial issues for pre-weds. He guides engaged couples through an enlightening process of self-examination and us-examination, helping them gain a greater understanding of their partner, of the person they are becoming as part of a couple, and of the marriage they are about to create. Written for pre-weds, their families, close friends, and the professionals who counsel them, this thought-provoking text explores thinking about-and talking about-delicate issues from love, communication, friendship, and sex, to in-law relations, money matters and prenuptial agreements, and the ways in which children will change a relationship. When couples meet the challenge of deeply understanding each other and what they expect out of marriage, their chances of enjoying a satisfied, intimate, and stable married life are greatly enhanced. By the end of this book, pre-weds will have grown from the altered state of being in love to being of sound mind to marry, says Bierman.

One of the last things couples planning a wedding usually want to do is talk about the realities of becoming husband and wife. Most would rather discuss wedding cake flavors and honeymoon plans than their views on children and finances, their personal insecurities and potential struggles, says Bierman, adding that even counselors and clergy usually do not tread into the area of these issues that can be deep, upsetting, and disagreement-inspiring. But better that before marriage than afterward. This book raises all the controversial yet crucial issues for pre-weds. And that will help couples wed with far more understanding of themselves and each other, with more foresight and sound thinking, so that they’ll not only be thrilled to be marrying the one they have chosen, but they’ll know that their decision is a wise one.

Remember, to get the special discount, you’ll need to order directly via the publisher’s website and use the offer code 104AUA4. If you happen to be reading this after the end of 2010, you can still grab the book (without the discount, unfortunately) via Amazon.

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