Welcoming Drs Berel and Bierman to the Faculty of Ask the Psychologist

On behalf of all of us at CounsellingResource.com, I’d like to extend the warmest welcome to our two newest members of the team: Ask the Psychologist contributors Dr Susan Berel and Dr Jim Bierman.

Welcome to Drs Berel and Bierman

Our regular Ask the Psychologist column has now published well over 2000 replies to questions submitted by readers, and we’ve expanded our team again. It’s my honour to welcome our two new contributors at Ask the Psychologist: clinical psychologists Dr Susan Berel and Dr Jim Bierman.

About Dr Susan Berel, PhD

Dr Susan Berel, PhD

A clinical psychologist in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr Berel received her PhD from Washington State University and completed a predoctoral internship at the University of Chicago Medical center. Dr. Berel also completed postdoctoral fellowships at the Atlanta VA Medical Center and at Northside Hospital.

Dr Berel currently works with adults as well as adolescents with anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. She also treats individuals struggling with anorexia, bulimia, and obesity, and has several publications in these areas. Dr Berel enjoys working with couples, including those involving alcohol addiction. Her approach with clients is one that tends to deemphasize psychological problems as illnesses. Although recognizing that certain problems have a biological basis, she assumes that people develop various ways of being in the world based on their lived experience.

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When not working, Dr Berel enjoys spending time with her family. As the mother of young children, she recognizes the challenges associated with balancing work life and childrearing. She relates this personal perspective with clients who may be dealing with parenting-related stresses. She enjoys working with clients to develop more fulfilling relationships and helps them challenge limiting belief systems with the goal of restoring emotional health and well-being.

About Dr Jim Bierman, PhD

Dr Jim Bierman, PhD

Currently in private practice in Palm Springs, California, Dr Bierman is a licensed clinical psychologist with fifteen years clinical experience. Author of Of Sound Mind to Marry , Jim received his PhD from the California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles and postdoctoral training at the University of Washington School of Medicine. As a certified parent evaluator, he makes recommendations to the Court for residential placement of children in high-conflict child custody cases. As an expert in divorce, Jim advocates for preparing for marriage thoughtfully, without losing the passion, in order to prevent divorce and help couples make love last.

Having counseled couples at all stages of pre-marriage, marriage, and divorce, Jim has always been impressed by how much good can come from an effective and early intervention, and how much harm can come from missed opportunities. After years of clinical practice, he strongly believes that premarital counseling is the first best opportunity to improve the quality of life of the individuals, the couple, and their children.

Contributing to CounsellingResource.com

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