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  1. Hi Sarah

    I appreciate your honed in way to introduce and decipher Focusing. Although I’ve read Gendlin’s book a few times, read about Focusing, read other authors furtherance of Focusing techniques and the usage, I’m still in the “don’t know” category at what I perceive are the most critical times and uses of this technique.

    I am most fully in tune with the process when it’s inconsequential, so to speak. Like the examples you gave – right word for a story, the right color for the paint, the right spice for the dish. I can utilize it especially well for others asking my opinon on something they need to decide or know. But when it comes to a personal, especially relational situation, I’m lost.

    Knowing how I feel, even if I have a feeling in my body is not clear. The opposite in fact, only confusing. It’s as if I can’t translate the skill from the areas I can utilize the procedure to another, and often more important arenas to me and for me.

    Could you give your view of how to handle/look at/improve this kind of situation?


    1. Hi Barbara,

      It seems to me as if you need a listening partner when you try to get a felt sense of a more personal, relational situation. They will help you to stay with the steps and not get lost in any of the strong feelings or thoughts which arise. Another thing I have had results with is actually focusing on the sense of not being able to do it, or of being confused. Sometimes that takes over from the felt sense you want to be focusing on, and becomes the strongest thing. The strongest thing is the thing to go with, and once that clears, you can come back to the issue you actually wanted to look at.

      Hope I am making sense!

      All the best,

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