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  1. I think I understand the experience of absorption – it’s arising and ebbing. I do find this productive and pleasurable.

    What I’m not sure about from your post, when you say, “Their attention is diverted from what is most important and most likely lost on multiple distractions either in their own mind or in their environment.” is what you think of as ‘most important’?

    Could you say what you think is most important? Thanks.

    1. Hi Even, thanks for the question!

      “What is most important” varies from person to person and from moment to moment. It also depends on one’s values. Right now what’s most important to me is writing a cogent reply to your comment. If my attention goes somewhere else before I’m done, chances are the reply won’t be as good or will take longer. In a second I’m going to click “Submit” and pick up my coffee. Then the most important thing will become savoring the coffee.


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