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  1. I have often wondered whether or not social networking is making us more connected or more spread thin. Trying to connect with so many people and not always in a meaningful way. I do like social media, yet am cautiious to remember the people right in front of me!

    1. Hi Marci, thanks for your comment. My feeling is that social networking and face to face relationships have very different roles to play and the trouble can arise when social networking is seen as an alternative to face to face. Having lived in different places round the UK, I like keeping in touch via social networking with people I can’t often see in person, but like you, I really value the people I have around me!

  2. It is indeed true that we are the most social of all animals and couldn’t have survived and thrived as we did without viable social networks which provided – and still provide – support and strength, and that helped us develop the pre-frontal cortex, which is the executive part of our brain. Without social connections, we wouldn’t have had any need to develop of a very sophisticated symbolic system, which is the human language. Language is our highest intellectual achievement, because it made all subsequent discoveries and innovations possible. Social connections, therefore, are at the foundation of what makes us human.

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