‘Ask the Psychologist’ Publishes 2000th Reply

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Today our Ask the Psychologist column reaches a new milestone, and thanks are in order — thanks to our team, thanks to those who have written in, and thanks especially to our readers.

Since launching the Ask the Psychologist column back in 2007, we’ve now reached an amazing milestone: today we’ve published our 2000th reply to a reader question! You can now see the latest question, entitled Why Do I Keep Hurting People the Way I Do?, in which Dr George Simon offers feedback on character disturbance, an area in which his views on psychological theory and therapeutic methods are widely respected.

Initially featuring the contributions of Dr Joseph Carver and later Dr George Simon, as well as Drs Alisa Robinson and Cynthia Giocomarra, the Ask the Psychologist column has continued to thrive since the day we launched it. Reader feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and on a few occasions our psychologists have even been responsible for saving a life when particularly urgent medical issues turned up in letters.

A few of the most popular topics which feature often in the column include (note that a single letter might include more than one of these topics):

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From all of us at CounsellingResource.com, and on behalf of the thousands of readers who have submitted questions, here’s a big thank you to our Ask the Psychologist team! Thanks are also due to those thousands who have written in to share their thoughts and feelings; although letters are published anonymously, you know who you are. And finally, I’d like to thank our fantastic bunch of regular readers for your continuing interest in the column and the site as a whole — we couldn’t do it without you.

Oh, and just in case you missed it and you happen to be a psychologist who would like to join the effort, be sure to check our recent announcement about our expansion plans: “Join the CounsellingResource.com ‘Ask the Psychologist’ Faculty”.

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