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We’re expanding again, and we’d like to welcome one or more new authors to the team.

For details about our overall expansion plans, international production team, and more background on the site, see the general announcement: “Would You Like to Join the Team? We’re Looking for More Faculty Members and Authors!”.

About the Writing Team

A new author will publish on a regular basis under their own byline, with biographical information and a link to their section included with each post. (There are no anonymous ‘Staff Writer’ positions at New blog posts are automatically featured on the front page of the site as well as the front page and relevant archive sections of the blog, and they are included in our RSS feeds and email newsletters. To date, all blog authors have published under our Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog, but for the right contributor, we will also consider creating a new and separate blog specifically for that author.

The new author will set their own preferred frequency of publication, and an honorarium will be paid that is commensurate with their level of contribution.

About the Successful Candidate

Above all, you will have something to say — and you will have excellent skills in written English with which to say it. Although it is not necessary to have identified in advance the specific areas of mental health in which you will write, you will be skilled at identifying topics and developing your specific angle on those topics without oversight. While peer consultation will always be available, you will appreciate and excel at operating autonomously.

How to Apply

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Please get in touch with a summary of your background, qualifications and experience, and any particular interests you may have in the site. Please provide two recent samples of your writing; if these have been featured in other publications, please include both the URL for the final article and a copy of the original work prior to any editing by the publication. Please include ‘Blog Authors’ in the subject line of your email to help us handle it efficiently.

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