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  1. I absolutely agree with the fact that creativity keeps us alive. Just look at someone like Dr. Rita Levi Montalcini (she is my hero,) who just turned 100 years old (on April 22,) and still keeps her mind busy with work and scientific research.

    I don’t think I can picture my life without creating and researching new things every day. My father, who recently passed away two weeks ago, worked, created, and researched until the very last days of his life. An example to remember and follow.


    All of us have it,its what we are born with,howver by the time we get to school unconditional creativity is knocked out of us,the influences are simply to much.

    Picasso’s statement about the best artists being children is certainly true.

    I’ve seen some examples of Africa children without a formal education making wonderfully creative pieces simply for pleasure and for them selves using tin cans and discarded materials.

    How different is it here in Hong Kong where every creative project has to have a purpose,usually to get a better grade.

    We should allow each child entering school to have the emphasis placed more on anything creative than on academic.

    If this was so the world would be a better place.

    lee du ploy ( hong kong )

    1. You make a great point. I’m glad your experience in Hong Kong is different. The first article of this series briefly addresses how important it is to create an educational environment in which creativity is nurtured and allowed to flourish.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I enjoyed doing the series. It was another chance to be…..well, creative!

  3. Artists we owe for making life wonderfull through creativity.

    The word genuis is bandied about so much nowadays that its attributed to footballers and actors.

    What most of us forget is the legacy left to us by the great artists of our time, who influenced our way of thinking and allows us into their world.

    We should be grateful for a few but essentially to all,however here are some which in my opnion made what life is today and are true genuises, in no particular order.

    Modiglianni for his colour and use of texture in paint which sings in harmony with the subject.

    Paul Klee for his magic and playfullness in the face of adversity.

    Picasso for his judgement,throwing caution to the wind and mixing whatever worked with whatever that did not to make it his very own.

    Van Gogh where sexing the paint into life made him the master.

    Whistler for his non compromise and using the colour black in immodest planes.

    Matisse for simply being himself,a line will tell a complete story,the skill of the minimal.

    now for some a little bit more modern.

    Anselm Kiefer for his texture and style.
    Zao Wuo Ki for his essence and pressence.

    Tapies for his smile and skills to make a wall look like a wall.

    And some later heroes.

    Andy Worhol who made advertising happen, in spite of his protestatations to the contary,the best window dresser in town.

    Damain(the beast) Hurst who hurled the future through past into the church within range of fragile window before the clock struck and made money.

    And finally the overdomestic goddess Tamara de Limpika.

    lee du ploy (hong Kong)
    ps. these examples are a small sellection of what shaped my life,I unreservedly appologise if they don’t meet your criterea.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lee. I think the artists you mention would be on the creative genius lists of many others.

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