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  1. “artful scientist” is a good description of the counseling profession. There is such a blend of scientific research and interpersonal skill that goes into good therapy.

  2. This is such a beautiful post. I’m not a psychologist at all, but I believe it takes to have a great deal of creativity and flexibility to become a good therapist. Mainly because contexts and situations vary so much from one person to another that you need to use different techniques, and also because each human being is unique. And last, but not least, because we (human beings) evolve and science evolves pretty fast as well, and I guess, sometimes, we better trust our common sense than the latest trends.

    I know some therapists like to be up to date with the latest views or techniques, but maybe the human mind is not a fashion catalogue that can change and adapt that fast, and it would be hard to say that “one size fits all,” in terms of having one trendy technique or method being suitable to treat virtually all or most patients.

    Under this light, I see it as a beautiful and extremely difficult art. Not only you need to be skillful and experienced, but also very open and creative in order to design tailor-made treatments for each person that seeks your help.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Mariana. I especially appreciate your comment about one size not fitting all. Every individual is truly unique and brings different wants, needs, hopes, strengths, and vulnerabilities, etc. into the therapeutic encounter. A truly artful scientist-practitioner respects this in a paramount way and places the best interest of his/her client above all else.

  3. Thank You Dr. Simon
    I am actually trying to build a thesis around this idea and make it quantitative in some fashion. I will be back for more information. Once again, thank you.

  4. I was debating with a friend of mine whether or not Psychology was an art or not, and this helped qualify my idea that it can be (and really is) both, not just a science. The entire article is well written and easy to follow, nicely done Dr. Simon.

    1. Thanks, Corey. I’m glad you found the article helpful in shaping your perspective.

  5. well, I believe that psychology is basically science because art mostly deals with practicals, it’s mostly an out flow of feelings that are put into action, but psychology begins and concludes with analyzes, involves critical thinking, investigations and even observations.

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