Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life Articles in 2008, Page 2

Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life published the following articles in 2008.

Tools for Practitioners: BBEdit 9 Upgrade

Many mental health professionals, particularly those in individual or small group practices with a strong web presence, often wear a technologist’s hat at least part of the time. If you’re one of those folks who sometimes needs to get their hands dirty under the hood of a website — maybe even do a bit of hand coding in PHP, Javascript and the like — the latest upgrade to the venerable BBEdit text processor has several new features to offer.

Simple Time Tracking for the Private Practitioner or Consultant

I had long been averse to the idea of charging directly for my time by the hour, in part because I dreaded the idea of some timer ticking away on my screen. Having recently evaluated literally dozens of different software packages for tracking project time, I can honestly say that most of them are just as dreadful as I’d imagined. But at least one is not dreadful at all. If you’re looking for an easy and unobtrusive way of tracking your time, check out our review of OfficeTime.

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