Over 1000 Reader Comments and Questions on ‘Losers’ and Personality Disorders

To help our server deliver a snappier response time for the thousands of readers of our threads on Dr Carver’s ‘Loser’ article — the most recent of which has attracted over 350 new comments, we’re going to open this new thread and close the previous one. Combined with around 175 questions on personality disorders submitted to the ‘Ask the Psychologist’ service, we’ve now had over 1000 questions and comments from readers affected by this topic.

The total number of reader comments on all our separate threads about the ‘Loser’ article by consulting Clinical Psychologist Dr Carver (see Are You Dating a Loser? for the original article by Dr Carver) now weighs in at over 900, counting our latest, “550 Reader Comments on Dr Carver’s ‘Loser’ Article”.

And around 175 additional questions addressing personality disorders — many of them inspired directly by Dr Carver’s ‘Loser’ article — have been submitted to our Ask the Psychologist service, where Dr Carver offers personal feedback on individual reader questions. (And more comments still have come in on Dr Simon’s series of articles on disturbances of character, closely related to personality disorders.)

Because it’s hard for our server to provide the best performance for users reading individual posts with very long lists of comments (more than 350 on the most recent ‘Loser’ thread!), we’re now going to open this new thread for additional comments on the article and close the prior thread.

The flow of comments on the article has taken on something of a life of its own, with many readers leaving replies directly on other readers’ comments in a real spirit of camaraderie and understanding. Readers have been offering support to one another over many weeks, months, and in some cases even years. So please do carry on here in this new thread!

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UPDATE (28 July 2009): With well over 1100 comments and questions now left on Dr Carver’s ‘Loser’ article from over 3 years back, but with Dr Carver no longer able to field questions or reply to the various queries, we’re now going to close the comments section for this post about his article. Many thanks to all who have taken the time to comment on Dr Carver’s article, and don’t forget the Ask the Psychologist is always available for sending questions directly to a psychologist for comment.

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