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    1. I agree. Be aggressive or die. Rules of etiquette are gone.

      People are driving with ‘reckless abandon’ out there.

  1. It´s interesting to read your subtypes. Now, I wonder if, for instance, some aggressive subtypes you mention, belong to an only one personality type in the DSM-IV. Therefore, we would not be talking about subtypes but different traits of a personality disorder. To give you an example, the narcissistic personality disorder has a very sadistic element.

    1. Interesting question and point, John. I go into this a bit in my book Character Disturbance. Some see all the aggressive personalities as a variant of the narcissistic type and one major theorists puts both narcissists and all the various aggressive types in the unhealthily “independent” category i.e. folks who didn’t develop a healthy balance between their need and regard for others and their concern and advocacy for themselves.

  2. How does one steer a child away from developing in this direction when the father displays such behavior?

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