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2 Comments on “Neurosis vs. Character Disorder: Self-Image Issues, Part 2”

  1. George,

    So narcsissism has no quality of self-respect. That is why they can’t give it. Appreciation would also fall under this catagory as well.

    Self-esteem seems more easily attainable by what I hear you saying.
    And is easily distorted by narcsissts. Healthy individuals would be from a more balanced perspective.

    Do you think in religious communities it is the adherance to humility that brings about the minimizing of meritorious reward? As if a honorable or noble action rewarded will bring about egoism?

    I definately agree that people just take for granted that good people will continue their right action.

    I have watched many people struggle with the teaching of looking to praise the right action in children. Certain personalities really struggle here.

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