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  1. Dr. Simon’s ability to separate the lawn grass from the invasive weeds is very helpful. I would like to know more about the role of chronic pain and its magnification by marital strain of the aforementioned focus. The descriptions fit but with the added intensity of being a mild neurotic plus coping with mild PTSD, even 13 years after an SUV rollover-trauma and loss of a darling four-year-old son. Obviously coping with chronic depression, but on meds, etc., but in the past six years have developed spinal cord-type damage, i.e. neuro and mobility symptoms. My spouse, a workaholic, acts suspiciously character disordered as evident in two decades of broken promises to get help for aggression and anxiety, stay on Rx, “own his stuff,”etc. It’s complicated but this is not the place to take advantage of your professional life wisdom. I just would like to know what your experience has been with the supposed link between chronic pain–in this case peripheral neuropathy and radiculopathy–and a “passionate” marital relationship, one I know has some sick underpinnings but has survived the worst–so far. Thank you so much for this site. Living in Japan, it’s a blessing to find information that cuts through many much-expounded upon psychological uncertainties, especially when professional help on an air base is spotty for civilians. The 200 percent responsibility for marital clashes is baloney, yet counselors always begin with that premise.

    1. Hi
      I’m not a professional, but I was engaged to an aggressive paranoid and having been in perfect health and fitness my whole life, contracted chronic illnesses that left me in pain for 7 years. He stalked me for 6.5 years after I broke off and left him. Eventually he was convicted and I never hear from him again. The frequency and intensity of my pain abated. I still have physical illness, but I’m not even close to being disabled by it anymore.

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