Would You Like to Participate in a TV Show About Anxiety Disorders and Relationships?

A UK television network is looking into producing a TV programme about love and relationships in the context of anxiety disorders; would you like to share your story?

We’ve been contacted by Twofour broadcast, a major UK media company responsible for programmes like BBC2’s forthcoming ‘On Thin Ice‘ documentary (about a race to the South Pole), about a possible new TV programme addressing the impact of anxiety disorders on relationships.

Twofour broadcast has been asked by a major television network in the UK to do some research into a possible television programme about love and relationships, and how difficult it can be to form relationships, especially with illnesses such as OCD and other phobias or anxiety-related disorders. They are particularly interested in talking to single people between 16 and 25 years of age living in the UK. Although having experience in finding relationships difficult would be helpful, it is not essential — above all, they are looking for real characters.

Talitha Stanley at Twofour broadcast has stressed to us that the programme is in no way derogatory or judgmental. The group is a leading independent television production company based in Plymouth and London. They produce a number of factual and factual entertainment programmes, often specializing in sensitive and extremely personal issues.

If you would be happy to have an initial chat with the group, with a view to possibly being involved in filming if the project goes ahead, please contact Talitha on 020 7438 1825 or at talitha.stanley@twofour.co.uk.

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