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  1. I think the key to that is the phrase you picked out yourself: “the few that come for help” and later “only the ones who come for help”. Perhaps you’re only talking to the people who fit in with the ideas you already have. To find out what’s really happening you’d have to be a blank enough canvas for the others to paint their lives on too. I do think the things you describe are real, but they might not be as common as you imagine them to be.

  2. Oh sure, I meant to say that loud and clear, my post is about, and *only* about, men who come to me and specifically say they have problems, usually mentioning explicitly the concept of lack of self esteem.
    My ideas spring from my experience with them. I certainly didn’t start off with any theories. I was shocked by how common these experiences were *amongst that group*- hence the post.
    Many thanks for commenting!

  3. What you say is true to the my own experience and that of my friends.

    I was never into the macho thing. I just wish the patriarchy would hurry up and die already. We’d all be better off – men too!

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