New Service at MyTherapist: Real Therapy, Online

Our new sister site,, launches today!

Editor’s Update: As of 2017, we sold the site to a new owner.

We’ve spun off our online counselling services section into a whole new site:!

For the last half a decade or so, I’ve been in online practice on my own, using as ‘home base’ for my online therapy services. (And in fact we still have a collection of several pages of information about online therapy in that section of the site.) But with an almost perpetual waiting list, a strongly growing overall site audience, and less spare time than ever before, I’ve been finding it very hard to keep up. So the new site has been designed from the ground up to accommodate not just me, but a small group of online therapists — who will all be sharing the same space but working independently, with their own terms and conditions, fees, privacy policies, etc. It will no longer be just me, trying to keep up, and I’m very hopeful that having a team of 4 independent practitioners, all committed to doing real therapy online, will mean more choice and a shorter wait for online services.

Our team of online mental health professionals includes:

  • Fadeela Kirsten
  • Sarah Luczaj
  • Greg Mulhauser
  • Louise Young

This new team at completely replaces our existing online counselling service as well as the list of ‘Associate Counsellors’ which we formally maintained as part of that service for overflow purposes. now officially becomes the exclusive provider of online counselling and online therapy services for, and we’ll be sending along visitors interested in online therapy specifically to this new site.

So if you’d like to learn more about counselling or psychotherapy online, check it out!

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