Do You Know the Prescription for Unhealthy Relationships?

Are you involved with an abusive, controlling or manipulative partner? A new series of face to face workshops built around the work of our Consulting Clinical Psychologist Dr Joseph M Carver aims to help.

Have you been in a relationship with a ‘loser’?

It’s a blanket term which our Consulting Clinical Psychologist Dr Joseph M Carver uses to describe a range of behaviours often associated with personality disorders. Through acclaimed papers like Identifying Losers in Relationships and Love and Stockholm Syndrome: The Mystery of Loving an Abuser, Dr Carver has brought some clarity about personality disorders to the people who suffer through relationships with them. Literally hundreds of comments have been left on this very blog from those involved with ‘losers’, and large numbers of the hundreds of questions we’ve received for the Ask the Psychologist service concern the challenges of dealing with those with personality disorders.

As thousands of visitors to this site have discovered, reading about personality disorders and learning Dr Carver’s tips about how to deal with them can be extraordinarily helpful. But what if you could talk with Dr Carver in person, and seek his direct feedback, face to face?

Well, now you can. A new series of workshops running in West Palm Beach, Florida, will bring the work of Dr Joseph M Carver directly to an audience of the people who need him. Flying under the banner “LoserRx: The Prescription for Unhealthy Relationships”, the workshops are scheduled to begin on the 20th of May at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, will run for 2 hours and cost $35 to attend (or $20 for students).

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It’s a few too many time zones away for us here, so I won’t be in attendance myself, but I hope some of our readers who happen to be in the vicinity will take advantage of the opportunity to learn more straight from the man whose decades of experience in clinical practice have taught him more than a thing or two about personality disorders.

Just drop by for full details and booking information.

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