It’s All the Same…Only Different

It’s been awhile since our last major overhaul of the site’s layout and underlying technology, but at last it’s done! Yep, all the same content is still here, and all the same people — we just have a different look.

Long-time readers will know that although we like to freshen up a few details of the site’s design every so often, the main underlying technologies and structures haven’t really changed much since our last big update in 2004. This time we chopped and changed all kinds of things, and we added support for some of the up and coming technologies now influencing the development and growth of the web.

If you happen to be browsing via an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll appreciate enhanced support for your device’s screen. And if happen to be running or using a service which handles microformats, you’ll like the look of our underlying structure. Folks who’d just like to get a page from screen to paper will find improved text styling for your printed results. I hope everyone will like the cleaner style for the site’s front page as well as the Daily Mental Health news page, both of which are designed to simplify the job of scanning through quickly, finding what you’d like to follow up on more, and going there.

And if you’ve ever inadvertently got lost on the site, this update is for you: not only is the overall layout more consistent and easier to navigate (main tabs at top, section menu in the right column), but every page now includes a breadcrumb trail just above the article title to let you know where you are in the hierarchy of the site.

Visually speaking, we’ve also changed how the actual text is rendered in response to research on readability. I hope you like it!

There’s lots more, and I could tell you all about it — but where’s the fun in that? Have a look, see how it works, and let us know what you think — especially if you encounter any problems or discover anything that doesn’t quite work the way it should.

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