Easier Access to Clinical Trials and Research Abstracts

New concise clinical trials lists and research article abstracts are now available in our medications centre, replacing the comprehensive (but difficult to navigate) set of mental health research abstracts we’ve been accumulating for a few years. If you’re looking for the latest research information on common mental health medications, please check them out and let us know what you think!

For a few years now, we’d been accumulating a comprehensive collection of all the latest mental health drug research article abstracts for the common mental health medications we cover. But as the number of article abstracts burgeoned into the thousands, it was becoming harder and harder to find any specific article without just resorting to using the Google search box at the top right of each page. We noticed that most users might browse through the first couple of pages of research abstracts before giving up.

So, we’ve decided to replace the comprehensive system with a single page for each medication that combines:

  1. Abstracts and links for the most recent 5 research articles to have appeared about that particular medication, and
  2. Titles and links for the 15 most relevant ongoing clinical trials involving that medication.

So, for example, if you visit the page on Alprazolam clinical trials and research, you’ll find all the latest on this popular anxiety medication on just one page. And for RSS users, each page also includes a link so you can grab the latest clinical trials listings for your favourite newsreader or news aggregator. As of this writing, for instance, we found a link to a study using Xanax in combination with virtual reality exposure therapy to help treat Iraq war veterans with PTSD. Interesting stuff!

We hope you’ll find the new system more convenient than the previous deluge of information, and of course if you need to search the whole set of research article abstracts, you can still do so at PubMed, and if you’d like to find all the relevant clinical trials for a given medication or condition, you can grab those over at TrialBulletin.com.

(Update: our medication information is now housed at some of our sister sites, rather than here at CounsellingResource.com.)

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