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5 Comments on “Negative Thoughts: Is Life a Battle?”

  1. Personally I find it more productive not to think in terms of overcoming oneself and winning battles. Those negative thoughts are, when it’s all said and done, part of oneself. You can own them, and then let them go.

  2. That’s a nice way of putting it…

    I basically agree, although some people do have intrusive and obsessive thought patterns that are not felt to be part of themselves… not so easy to let go of, and that “inner critic” also sometimes needs to be dealt with in other ways!

  3. They are certainly not easy to let go of. I found it took many years of practice and a certain type of subtle kind of mental gymnastics to do so. And if anyone asked me to describe these processes, I would not be able to.
    I find it helpful to try to moderate the inner critic by not entertaining and giving short thrift to thoughts about oneself that I would want to hear directed at a best friend.

  4. In my opinion, curiosity and perhaps an inner most feeling of perfectionism are the cause and effect of positive or negative thoughts. If we wage war amongst our inner selves, it is not only for the purpose of identifying a victory or loss,however, we do sometimes mistake our inner thoughts(or opinions) as facts of our known reality. That in itself is a danger to all of us if we cannot comprend it correctly.

  5. Yes it is all a battle to overcome our negative thoughts and attitudes. There is no easy way to defeat negative thughts except to take them on and fight them at every opportunity. Whenever you feel that negative thoughts are trying to overcome you roll up your sleeves and prepare to fight them. Slowly you will develop an instinct to recognize them more easily.
    One example is the thought that says to you, “I Cant”. To overcome this type of thought try to do exactly those things which you fell you cant do. Face your fears for example. Better still st yourself tasks which you think are difficult and don not give up.

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