550 Reader Comments on Dr Carver’s ‘Loser’ Article

Readers continue to tell us that Dr Carver’s article about relationship losers, abusers, manipulators and controllers — and how you can protect yourself from them — rings true. How about you? Have you dealt with someone like this?

Our previous threads on Dr Carver’s article called Are You Dating a Loser? have been piling on the comments. Total them up, and it comes to something over 550 separate comments. (Editor’s note, March 2014: Several of these original threads have now been moved to our separate archive site and are no longer available here on the main site.)

As I commented in one of the earlier posts, what has struck me the most about the comments so far is the remarkable degree of consistency and similarity of recurring threads being reported by individuals from all walks of life. And the suggestions Dr Carver made in his original article about how to protect yourself if you find yourself in a relationship with someone bent on abuse and manipulation have been well received and put into practice by many readers. The discussion threads about this paper have now taken on something of a life of their own, with readers offering one another their support and encouragement as they deal with their own problematic relationships. While everyone’s experience is unique, you might be surprised to read just how often others have experienced the kinds of manipulative and controlling behaviours you may have experienced yourself.

We’ve been splitting off the ongoing discussions about loser behaviours every so often, to keep the individual page loading times manageable. This is now the latest in the series, so if you have any thoughts on Dr Carver’s loser article, please feel free to leave them here in the comments section. Dr Carver stops by every so often and reads and replies to your messages, so fire away!

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UPDATE (15 November 2008): Just to keep the response from our server acceptable, we’re now going to close this discussion thread and move to a new one for the same topic. So if you’d like to have your say, please just head over to the new thread here: “Over 1000 Reader Comments and Questions on ‘Losers’ and Personality Disorders”.

Thank you!

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365 Comments on “550 Reader Comments on Dr Carver’s ‘Loser’ Article”

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