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5 Comments on “The Counsellor’s Creed, “I cannot be your parent…””

  1. I wish the author had included not making the patient feel like they had to prove themselves.

    I read the entire creed.

    I have recently changed Psychiatrists. (mine moved) Having to prove that my issues are real, should not be a factor. She did not believe I had an eating disorder until my blood work showed malnutrition. (she’s supposed to be an expert)
    She told me that ‘everyone wants to be a writer, it doesn’t make us one, we need to be wary of thoughts of grandiosity’

    I’m debating if I should take my published book and plop it on her desk before I change doctor’s or not.

    She assumed that because I’m chronically ill (lupus and myasthenia gravis) that I do nothing. “You have to keep a regular schedule. Hasn’t anyone told you you can’t just lay around all day?”
    (um, NO! My doctor’s are all trying to get me to SLOW DOWN AND REST MORE!!!)

    Try believing me first, then if you find cause to NOT believe me, then don’t trust me …do not allow the distrust to rule first …

  2. Hi Isabella and Peggikaye,

    I’m not sure whether Sarah is near a computer right now, so I just wanted to drop by and say thanks to both of you for your comments.

    Isabella, thanks for stopping by; there’s a third post by Sarah coming on the creed which I’ve scheduled for next week. Any comments welcome!

    Peggikaye, what you’ve described of your working relationship seems short on the ‘working’ part and short on the ‘relationship’ part, and it sure does sound like you’ve felt some pressure to prove yourself. And your last sentence really sums it up: however your psychiatrist might have intended it, what you’ve experienced feels like plain old distrust.

    All the best,

  3. I was indeed having a break! I am going to be “off and on” throughout December…thanks for stepping in Greg.

    Hi Isabella – love your site.

    Peggykaye – sorry you were treated like that, by anyone, let alone someone you were paying to assist you through a trusting relationship.

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