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  1. When I read the book Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars I couldn’t help but thing of what dribble it was. It was a book of social stereotypes documented as some innate and unchangeable fact. I remember that I heard an segment on Radio National a few months ago and it rang tue to me when the commentator said that all the small differences between men and women are exaggerated to maintain the appearence of real difference to maintain the existing social roles and structures.
    I have personally studied the field of empathy and my research has shown no significant differences between the sexes. Men are as empathetic as women they just seem to be socialised to express it differently so it appears minimised.


  2. I agree that maintaining the stereotypes supports the social structure as it is, however, I think there is another reason for the continued misperception of gender differences: each sex gets some benefit (in the current social setup) by clinging to these roles. Obviously, women get fewer benefits and that’s the reason for “the woman question”, the women’s liberation movement, feminism, or whatever you call it. It repeats itself over and over. Men are equally as hampered by their gender roles, in some situations, much more so, but their rewards are far greater.

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