Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life Articles in October, 2007

Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life published the following articles in October, 2007.

Harry Potter: ‘A prolonged plea for an end to bigotry’

JK Rowling’s revelations about the sexuality of the most powerful wizard in the Harry Potter series have made headlines around the world. I have read comments from disappointed parents, complaining that the books ‘promote homosexuality’ — maybe they also promote the ability to fly and the sporting of long grey beards? Others feel forced by the author to discuss sexuality with their children ‘too soon’. But is the fact that Dumbledore is gay really relevant?

Could This Be Your Secret Weapon to Manage a Flood of Information?

Over in our practice development section, I’ve reviewed DEVONthink, a remarkable software package that brings artificial intelligence to the job of managing and using large collections of information. At first I thought it could make a great tool for mental health practitioners doing research and running a small business, but now I realise it can a secret weapon for just about anybody who needs to manage a flood of information.

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