Meet Our New Blog Contributor, Sarah Luczaj

Following the success of Dr Carver’s new column in the ‘Ask the Psychologist’ section, we’ve decided it’s time to add a new voice to the main site blog as well. I’d like to welcome Sarah Luczaj to the site!

The main blog that you’re reading right now — Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life — has become one of the site’s most popular areas since we added it to our mix of resources around 3 years ago. The volume of comments we’ve received on some posts even led us to spin off a second blog, now written by our Consulting Clinical Psychologist Dr Joseph M Carver.

The continuing growth of this site, as well as our online counselling service and the broader network of websites and services which fall under the umbrella — not to mention the arrival of my daughter Hannah Sophia last Christmas morning — have meant a noticeable drop in the time I’ve had available for writing, and fewer blog posts as a result. Thanks to our tremendous community of regular readers, however, we’ve still had more and more people coming to visit, even as my own time spent on this particular area of the site has had to drop a bit. So thanks to all of you for sticking with us, even as I found it hard to keep up with anything like a regular writing routine!

But now I think it’s time to offer you something more than just my occasional posts.

So I’d like to offer a big warm welcome to Sarah Luczaj, who now joins us as a second author in Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life.

Sarah Luczaj
Sarah Luczaj

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A person-centred counsellor herself, Sarah is originally from the UK but has been living in rural Poland for the last decade, where she experiences the fun of real winters with her husband and two daughters. (I’m sorry, but a UK winter just doesn’t cut it when it comes to snow and cold!) Sarah has a particular interest in focusing and in Buddhism and is now working on a PhD bringing ideas from each together with those of counselling and therapy.

I’m really looking forward to reading what Sarah has to say, and having had a sneak peek at some of her upcoming posts, I think we’re in for a bit of a treat as she shares her perspectives.

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