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Have you found something worthwhile or valuable to you on the site? Would you like to support the work of our dedicated team of mental health professionals? Here’s how you can contribute to the effort.

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Have you found something personally worthwhile on our site? Maybe you found the answer to something you’ve wondered about, or perhaps an article confirmed something you already believed — or even challenged you to think about something differently. We hope so! Would you like to help with the efforts that make it all possible?

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Just keeping this site and our sister site running costs several thousand dollars each year. That’s before we even begin to produce content, including hundreds of original articles and psychologist replies every year. (At last count, Ask the Psychologist was closing in on 3000 replies, while and our other smaller sites add another 1500 articles spanning more than 5000 pages.)

If you’d like to personally make the site a better place, to help ensure we can keep the lights on, and to indirectly reach out to help the thousands of people who visit, we’d welcome your support.

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