Security Details employs technology carefully to safeguard the privacy of individual users.

Data for Research and Site Development

Aggregate data about visitor demographics are used by for research purposes and to develop the site further. In accordance with our “Site Privacy Policy”, however, individual privacy is respected absolutely.

Protection of Personal Data

We maintain technical, physical, and administrative security measures designed to provide reasonable protection for personal data against loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, and alteration.

Privacy at the User End

Site visitors should be aware of a number of factors which could impact privacy from their end of the network and which are therefore beyond the control of We would draw special attention to two particular categories of such factors. First are those which result from sharing a computer with another user. For example, the default behaviour of modern browsers typically keeps a history of the most recently visited sites. If this feature is not switched off or adjusted to keep a very minimal history, another user could identify many of the most recently visited sites by inspecting this log. Similarly, another user might access email records kept on a shared computer, in some cases even if those two users login to a shared machine with different usernames.

The second category of factors which can impact user privacy are those which result from visiting via an employer-operated network. Many employers log traffic to and from their networks, and virtually all large employers keep records of employee emails which pass through their servers. In the latter case, this means that copies of emails may be kept even after they have been deleted from an individual user’s machine. Encrypting emails can secure their content, but it cannot make them disappear.

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