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Come right on in and learn a bit about the site, our history, and of course the dedicated and talented team of mental health professionals from all over the world who have helped grow this site into one of the web’s leading resources for counselling, psychotherapy, psychology and general mental health.


People visit our site for all kinds of reasons: you can learn all about counselling and psychotherapy, look up books and articles, identify particular types of psychological distress, or try one of our psychological screening tests and quizzes.

You can also stay up to date with the latest news in psychology and mental health, or subscribe to our own RSS feeds, regular newsletter, Twitter feed or Facebook page via the graphic links in the sidebar. Visitors to CounsellingResource.com are a pretty friendly and well-informed bunch, and many leave comments on articles posted in our main site blog Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life, or submit questions to the Ask the Psychologist column (recently spun off to a separate site of its own).

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Who Are You?

Launched in 2002 by Dr Greg Mulhauser, by 2006 the site was beginning to grow beyond what one or two people could reasonably manage, and in 2007 we began the transition to a broader production team.

CounsellingResource.com is now the work of an international team of mental health professionals and web business specialists, including both volunteers and paid employees and consultants. Our International Advisory Board of professional and scientific faculty and our broader ‘consumer-facing’ portion of the team now includes the following.

International Advisory Board: Professional and Scientific Faculty

Dr Greg Mulhauser, Publisher

Dr Greg Mulhauser

Dr Mulhauser leads the development of CounsellingResource.com while also acting as Managing Editor and, until recently, providing online counselling services (see “Online Therapy and Online Counselling”). From time to time, he provides consulting services to corporate clients and to individual practitioners in the mental health professions (see “Clinical Supervision, Training and Development”). Dr Mulhauser is the Managing Director of Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd., a company founded in 2002 as an umbrella organization for the scientific, business and technology initiatives he launched after leaving the role of corporate strategist and strategic relationship manager at one of Europe’s largest communications firms. CounsellingResource.com as a whole is provided as a service of Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd.

Mulhauser is a British Marshall Scholar and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; a separate page provides additional information about his role as publisher, while another includes a few funky facts.

Dr Joseph M Carver, Consulting Clinical Psychologist

Dr Joseph Carver

With a career as a psychologist spanning over three decades, Dr Carver’s background includes work in psychiatric and medical hospitals, community mental health centres, private practice, and teaching at graduate and undergraduate levels. He provides expert witness testimony for a US government agency and advises state governments. Having appeared on radio and in newspapers like The New York Times, Dr Carver is well known for his articles “Are You Dating a Loser? Identifying Losers, Controllers and Abusers” and “Stockholm Syndrome: The Psychological Mystery of Loving an Abuser”, as well as for his work on parenting, depression, PTSD, and other areas.

After contributing to CounsellingResource.com for more than a year, Dr Carver formally joined the site in 2007 as the original author of our popular Ask the Psychologist column and is now a member of our International Advisory Board.

Professor Colin Feltham

Professor Colin Feltham

Colin Feltham is Professor of Critical Counselling Studies at Sheffield Hallam University and a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and of the Royal Society of Arts. His publications include What’s Wrong With Us? The Anthropathology Thesis (Wiley, 2007), The Sage Handbook of Counselling & Psychotherapy (edited with Ian Horton, Sage, 2006), Brief Counselling (2nd edition, with Windy Dryden, Open University Press, 2005), Dictionary of Counselling (3rd edition, with Windy Dryden, Whurr, 2004), Controversies in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Sage, 1999), and Psychotherapy and its Discontents (edited with Windy Dryden, Open University Press, 1992). He has edited three book series for Sage and is a former editor of the British Journal of Guidance & Counselling. He has given conference keynotes throughout the UK, Europe, Canada and Kenya.

Professor Feltham’s abiding interest in the ‘big questions’ of the human condition has led him to question the origins of widespread human distress, the current environmental crisis and the prospects for humanity; his research focuses on how mental health is compromised laterally and continuously by the stresses of modern society and its institutions. Professor Feltham joined CounsellingResource.com in 2007 as a member of our International Advisory Board and also contributes to our book reviews section.

Dr Gareth Furber

Dr Gareth Furber

A Clinical Psychologist, Dr Furber completed his PhD in 2006 in the area of psychological recovery following heart attack and has additional clinical training in cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and motivational interviewing. Based in Adelaide, Australia, Dr Furber is now involved in developing a clinical research program around relationship-based therapies for children and their caregivers as well as providing CBT interventions as part of the Flinders Medical Centre CAMHS liaison team.

Dr Furber joined CounsellingResource.com in 2007 as a member of our International Advisory Board.

Sarah Luczaj

Sarah Luczaj

Sarah Luczaj is a humanistic counsellor/therapist, poet and translator from the UK. She has been living in rural Poland since 1997 with her husband and two daughters. Especially interested in focusing oriented therapy and Buddhism, she has published in this field (see Spirituality and Counselling, Experiential and theoretical perspectives, edited by C Purton and J Moore and published in 2006 by PCCS Books) and is now writing a PhD on the topic. Her website at www.sarah.luczaj.com is at present in Polish only.

Sarah joined the site in 2007 to add a new perspective to the main CounsellingResource.com blog, Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life, and is now a member of our International Advisory Board.

Dr George Simon

Dr George Simon, PhD

Dr Simon received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Texas Tech University. He has spent much of the last 25 years gathering information about, and working with manipulators, other disturbed characters and their victims. His book In Sheep’s Clothing has been a five-star rated bestseller for nearly 13 years, is published in several foreign languages, and is regarded by many as the definitive work on manipulative characters.

A sought-after speaker who has conducted over 250 workshops and instructional seminars across the country, Dr Simon has consulted with business organizations and civic institutions about disordered personalities and has appeared on national television networks such as CNN and Fox News Network, as well as numerous regional TV and radio talk shows.

Dr Simon joined the site in 2008 as a member of our International Advisory Board and regular contributor to the main CounsellingResource.com blog, Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life. During 2009-2010, Dr Simon also became our primary contributor for the Ask the Psychologist service.

Additional Current Contributors

In addition to members of our International Advisory Board, some of whom publish articles in one or more areas of the site, the following current contributors also write at CounsellingResource.com and/or AskThePsych.com.

Dr Elizabeth Chamberlain, PhD

Dr Elizabeth Chamberlain, PhD

A licensed psychologist in the states of Colorado and Texas (retired), Dr Liz Chamberlain received her PhD and MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas and her BA in English and Psychology from the University of Michigan. In addition to having worked in private practice, Dr Chamberlain has provided therapy, testing and assessment to individuals, families and couples at university counseling centers and community mental health centers. She is a member of the American Psychological Association as well as credentialed by The National Register of Health Service Psychologists.

Dr Chamberlain’s internship training in systems-oriented, narrative therapy as well as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy guides her practice. She specializes in anxiety, stress, depression/mood disorders, relationships, parenting/custodial grandparenting, vocational counseling, testing/assessment and developmental issues across the life span.

In addition to her practice, Dr Chamberlain has held an adjunct faculty position in the Counselor Education program at Texas State University and has taught undergraduate courses in the psychology of women, child development, and introductory psychology at UNT. She is also a published author on grandparents raising grandchildren, and has presented her research on creativity and affective traits at professional conferences.

Dr Chamberlain joined the CounsellingResource.com team in 2012 as a contributor to Ask the Psychologist. For more information about Dr Chamberlain and her work, visit www.thecoloradocenter.com.

Dr Peter Thomas, PhD

Dr Peter Thomas, PhD

Dr Peter Thomas has been practicing therapy in Texas since 1995. He is well known for his work with adolescents and for his workshops and training on topics including suicide and self injury, bullying, self-care in the helping professions, and diversity training for mental health professionals. He graduated from the University of North Texas with his doctorate in Counseling Psychology and completed his internship and post-doctorate training at Southern Methodist University and Texas Woman’s University. Dr Thomas practices Interpersonal and Relational Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Transactional Analysis.

Dr Thomas joined the CounsellingResource.com team in 2014 as a contributor to Ask the Psychologist. Learn more about his work at www.psychologistmckinney.com.

Guest and Occasional Contributors and Contributors Emeriti

Many different people have made valuable contributions to the site on an occasional basis over the years. Some of these, together with our contributors emeriti, include the following:

Authorship, Attribution and Citations

Originally, most content on CounsellingResource.com was written by Dr Greg Mulhauser, but in recent years the contributions of our wider team have taken on greater importance and occupied an increasing proportion of the overall material available on our site. The authorship of any particular content is normally specified clearly via a ‘by line’ near the top of the page. Examples of content which will be clearly marked as not written by Dr Mulhauser include:

  • Ask the Psychologist replies
  • Blog posts in Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life marked as written by one of our guest or long-term contributors rather than by Dr Mulhauser
  • Book reviews marked as written by one of several other contributors rather than Dr Mulhauser
  • Comments written on blog articles by blog readers
  • Guest contributions from other authors, and material written or compiled by staff researchers, other researchers or other agencies

Try Online Counseling: Get Personally Matched

In all cases, clear attribution is provided indicating the original source of materials not produced by our in-house team of contributors described above. In addition, specific citations are provided for all substantive objective claims (often, via reference to an entry in our research bibliography).

All pages carry an indication of the date they were last reviewed and/or modified. On a few pages — for example, in the “Mental Health News” section — the last reviewed date may not be as current as the most recent date of the news headline being displayed. In other words, our selection of news items provided by third parties is updated more frequently than it is explicitly reviewed. (Unlike some sites which use automatic re-blogging software to re-post other people’s news items, you won’t find us making ridiculous claims to have ‘professionally reviewed’ auto-posted content!)

When citing material from this site, you may find it useful to refer to the APA style guide for electronic references. Alternatively, one common format for citing electronic references is given in the following example:

Mulhauser, Gregory R. (Year) 9 Observations About the Practice and Process of Online Therapy. Downloaded [insert date you downloaded the article] from http://counsellingresource.com/ lib / supervision/ papers/ online-practice/

If you are citing materials for an academic paper or journal article, you may of course be required to use the preferred citation format of the relevant institution.

Why Do You Exist?

The site is inspired by the idea that open access to information can help consumers to make better informed choices and can help practitioners to provide a better service. Although some sites like to make a hard distinction between information for ‘consumers’ and information for ‘professionals’, we don’t do that: we do our best to make sure that everything on this site will be accessible and worthwhile for both segments of the population.

Up until recently, the site also served as ‘home base’ for Dr Mulhauser’s online counselling and online therapy practice, although this was not by any means the site’s primary purpose. (That primary purpose is, and will remain, to provide free access to information and resources in mental health, counselling and psychotherapy.) Dr Mulhauser’s online practice was eventually spun off to a separate site, and that site was in turn eventually sold to a new owner.

You can read on a separate page about the Editorial Biases which influence the way the site develops and grows.

Funding and Advertising

CounsellingResource.com is an entirely free service. The site receives no funding or other support except for the time provided by Dr Mulhauser and the team, and advertisements placed by third parties.

The advertising you see through some areas of the site helps offset the costs of hosting it, developing it, and — most importantly — keeping it free for the thousands of visitors who come here every day. We primarily rely on context-driven advertising, whereby advertisements are automatically selected by a third party on the basis of the content on a page. This helps ensure that what is published on this site cannot be directly influenced by any advertiser: we do not know in advance who those advertisers might be, or what editorial influence they might like to exert if they had any. Fortunately, they don’t. More details are available on “Advertising Policy”.

We also occasionally work directly with individual advertisers. If you’d like more exposure for your website or private practice, advertising directly on our site — where your target audience is probably already looking — can be one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching people who will value what you have to offer. Just check “Targeted Mental Health Advertising to Professionals and Consumers” page for more details on our featured sponsorships and other ways of reaching your audience.

Gender Language, Spelling and More

In an attempt to remain gender neutral without introducing too many politically correct linguistic contortions, this site frequently adopts a grammatically incorrect device: many non-specific references employ third-person plural pronouns and possessives (they, them, their) rather than the strictly correct first person alternatives (he, him, his, she, her, hers).

The word ‘counselling’ appears throughout with the spelling used in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The US spelling ‘counseling’ also appears throughout the site in material written by our US-based contributing authors. Where appropriate, both the US and UK spellings appear on the same page — for example in the bibliography or elsewhere that specific books or articles are mentioned, as well as in Ask the Psychologist articles which combine a non-US-authored question with a US-authored reply.

Although the Managing Editor is geographically based in the United Kingdom, we make every effort to provide information that is broadly relevant across the world.

About Our Unofficial Logo

The graphic portion of our unofficial logo was created by the talented Indian artist and illustrator Arvind Singh Rajput and is used under license, copyright © Depositphotos.com/Arvind Singh Rajput.

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