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Medical and Psychiatric Issues for Counsellors

If a counsellor could only buy one book on medical and psychiatric issues as they relate to the practice of counselling, I believe this should be it. Every counsellor and psychotherapist should inform themselves to at least a basic degree about the broader medical and psychiatric issues which may impact upon their clients’ lives and well-being, and this book provides the best start I know for doing exactly that.

Rating: 3.5

Medical and Psychiatric Issues for Counsellors
By Brian Daines, Linda Gask and Tim Usherwood, 1997. ISBN 0803975074. Sage. 167 pages.


Originally published as part of our ‘Top Picks’ selection in 2003, but without a full review, I’ve retained the listing for this book here in the new reviews section specifically because I still believe it is a great introductory resource for counsellors and psychotherapists in practice.